Pinja Seppälä

Circus Artist


I'm a multidisciplinary circus artist from Finland,
specialized in
• Hand-balance
• Aerials
• Lollipop Lyra
• Hand to Hand

I have been performing professionally around the world since 2013 as a solo artist, part of different duos and bigger performing groups.
For example in
GOP Varieté-Theaters in Germany,
Monti's Varieté in Switzerland,
show production and events in Okada Manila, Philippines
show productions with Phoenix Creative and UniFlow in USA and Turkey,
and many gala shows for example in Brazil, Turkmenistan, Abu Dhabi and G20 meeting in Russia.


I was born in 1993 in Tampere, Finland. I started gymnastics when i was 4,5years old and after 5 years of Artistic Gymnastics and 6 years of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics I wanted to try something new so in 2009 I joined the Sorin Sirkus youth circus.
At first I tried many disciplines but soon I noticed that handstands, contortion and aerial hoop were my thing. I was part of the Sorin Sirkus performing group in 2009-2012.
In 2010 I started training with my duo partner, Milla Peijari, in Sorin Sirkus as a contortion and aerial hoop duo. We participated in Finland's got Talent in 2012 and we got in to the finals. Since then we have been performing professionally around Finland and abroad as Duo Minja.
Along with duo I also trained a lot of other disciplines as a solo.
In the beginning it was mostly handbalancing but slowly I started doing a little bit of everything. Since 2013 I have been performing with many different skills in many different shows all around the world.
My plan is to keep on learning new skills and disciplines to make myself even more versatile.


Because of my long gymnastics background I have found a beautiful way to combine power demanding tricks with flexibility and my own strong personality.
Smooth movements, strong stage presence, fleixibility and technique; this is me!



Floor disciplines:
Hand-balance solo/duo, Lollipop Lyra solo/duo, Contortion solo/duo, Water bowl, Pole Dancing, Hand to Hand & Partner Acrobatics, Acrobatics, Hoverboard, Dancing, Skipping ropes, Fire Dancing & Poi Spinning
Aerial Hoop solo/duo, Aerial Straps solo/duo, Aerial Silks solo/duo, Aerial Chandelier, Other big aerial props

I'm always open for learning and creating something new!

Besides my solo career
I'm one of the founding members of - Sirkum Polaris
I'm one part of - Duo Minja
Im a part of a fire dancing group - UniFlow
My performances can be booked as a part of bigger show productions through - Lumina Productions

CV - Pinja Seppälä - 2021


Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions, need more material or information about my acts and/or availability.